“Hair Health” with simple tips to take care of “beautiful hair”

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“Hair Health” is good or bad? Well, it depends on many factors. “Stress” is one of the major factors that worsen the health of hair and scalp. Even during this type of COVID-19, many Lady MIRROR stressed. Many concerns may cause me to lose a lot, so MIRROR has a story about  “my health” to tell the reason why I lose. Hair Problems Fine Hair care tips  for dry, oily and normal hair, including the correct way to wash your hair. For better hair and scalp health By Dr. Onuma Phan Apiwat Specialist in dermatology and hair transplantation Gave information at the launch of the Hair Care Series products Of cereals, products for skin and hair care, are attractive We go and listen together ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com.

“Healthy hair” with tips on how to take care of “beautiful hair”

The reason for the “healthy hair” loss

Anxiety and feeling stressed In addition to adversely affecting the health of the body It can also affect the “beauty” as well, whether it is wrinkles on the face as well as “health” can cause hair loss. Gray hair before aging can grow.

Factors that cause “hair loss”

External factors that contribute to increase hair loss are caused by many factors, namely. The environment around us. Whether it is pollution, heat, and the use of hair styling products But the main factor that can directly destroy hair cells or “health” is all forms of “heat”, whether from blow drying, straightening, sunlight, etc., and heat can also destroy “keratin” in the hair. Make me weak The condition of the hair is dry, damaged, split ends. In addition, brushing or combing my hair hard. Including tying and pulling the hair Can result in increased hair loss as well

3 substances destroy “healthy hair”

Healthy hair and scalp care can be easily maintain by yourself at home, starting with the selection of products that contain natural extracts. And should avoid products that contain substances that cause irritation. Including foaming agents such as SLS, preservatives and parabens And silicone that causes clogging Because these substances can damage the hair and scalp.

Tips to take care of “beautiful hair” for “dry hair”

Choosing a hair cleaning product for good  “healthy hair” should be determine by the condition of each type of hair. “Dry”, damaged and sensitive hair should be chosen with shampoos and conditioners that contain ingredients. That add moisture and shine such as jojoe oil. Baseramide and protein help nourish dry and damaged hair to be stronger and more shiny You should avoid drying your hair with frequent hot air, sunlight and dry weather. 

Because of the dry hair structure. And rough there will be static electricity. Making the comb difficult to style Causing the hair to become dry. Damage and more fragile Hair masks may be done at least once a week. To restore hair condition

Tips to take care of “beautiful hair” for “oily hair”

For “oily hair” should choose a shampoo that focuses on cleaning. And focus on eliminating excess oil from the hair and scalp Because the scalp produces a lot of sebum It makes my hair sticky and heavy.

Tips to take care of “beautiful hair” for “normal hair”

“Normal hair” should maintain the cleanliness of the hair properly. Hair serums may also be used to protect your hair from sunlight and heat, and for colored, perm hair, opt for a product designed for colored or permed hair and revitalize it with treatments or masks. Pk To restore healthy hair and scalp condition

The correct way to wash your hair for better ” health “

The way the hair should be washed thoroughly before the hair with water. Then clean the hair and scalp with shampoo And wash your hair at least 3 times a week or once a day if faced smoke pollution, the use of styling. Washing hair too often can stimulate the sebaceous glands under the scalp. Creating too much oil Causing more oil to accumulate on the scalp and root of the hair After washing your hair, use a conditioner to massage your hair and scalp. Emphasize the ends of the hair.

The secret to restoring “beautiful hair”

For hair that needs to nourish or restore “healthy hair” , a mask is recommend. Or do your own hair treatment Do not brush or comb while your hair is wet. Because the hair is weak and vulnerable to being easily broken. And should use a hair serum before drying Or styling In order to cover the hair scales and protect the hair from heat