Vieira says Palace must strengthen the market at the beginning of the year

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Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has confirmed his desire to strengthen his squad in the January transfer window. to raise the team further in the second half of the season

Crystal Palace just lost 0-1 against Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. Last saturday It was the 5th losing game out of 14 games in the league. With that game Wilfried Zaha missing a penalty first in the first half.

“We want to improve the team. We want to bring in a couple more players that will help us to be more competitive,” Vieira said after the game at City Ground. “We have to do it (January transfer window). It’s too early to talk about it. But we have to improve our team.”However, Crystal Palace has only scored 15 goals. They are the seventh fewest goalscoring ufabet team in the Premier League so far in the 2022-23 season.

“They made it really difficult with the number of people they had behind the ball. We were a bit naive in the second-half. Away from home we should manage the game better. And if we don’t win that game we shouldn’t lose it.”

“The game overall reflects our season so far. We showed some good stuff but there is a lack of consistency, a lack of being aggressive in both boxes. In a good period of the game we didn’t score that goal, because if we score that goal it would be completely different.”