Vieira: Maguire deserves to be in the Lions at the World Cup

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Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira believes Manchester United defender Harry Maguire deserves a place in the England squad for the World Cup in Qatar.

         The “Red Devils” center has been heavily criticized for its form of play ufabet. But instead has a name in Gareth Southgate’s team that many people think other players should have more than Mark Guehi. A defensive line who has performed impressively since joining Pale. C 

         However, Vieira did not condemn Southgate’s decision, suggesting Maguire deserves a place in the 2022 World Cup squad.

         “About Mark, if you compare him to Maguire, the difference is that Maguire knows about the international game and Mark doesn’t,” said Vieira.

         “The manager (Southgate) has to decide what he wants about the tournament, again Mark or. Whoever should respect that decision and decide at the end of the tournament.”

         “The manager knows the players better than us. The manager knows what he wants from his players and how he wants to play the game. The nation must trust trust and support the manager Then, at the end of the race, everyone can express their opinions.”

         “I believe what England needs is a local person to support and support the manager’s decision. Then let’s see how it goes.”