Ron Crossland Leadership Development

Ron Crossland Leadership Development

Sep 2016


Pablo Casals is considered the best cellist of the first half of the twentieth century and one of the greatest known over modern history. He started music studies very early in life and at the age of thirteen found sheet music for Bach’s six cello suites in a Barcelona music shop. He started practicing them and did his first public performance of one of them at the age of twenty-six. He didn’t want to play before he was ready. He played London’s Crystal Palace, for Queen Victoria in her summer home, and twice he played in the White House, once for Theodore Roosevelt and once for John F. Kennedy. Few in history can claim a reputation that spans such a length of time.

At the age of ninety-one, a young music student found him rehearsing alone and asked him why in world he continued to practice. He replied, “Because I am making progress.”

Communication requires the same devotion, if you want your leadership to rise above the ordinary. Even if you have a senior role in politics, are an officer of a renowned corporation, or are the head of a public sector charity, you need to continue making communication progress.