I have worked with talent from the boiler room to the boardroom, a range of experience that has revealed that regardless of position, individuals’ work matters. I have helped individuals, teams, and organizations develop better leaders, create more innovation, forge better internal and external relationships, and inspire greater performance.

An organizational consultant and educator since 1985, I have held executive positions in three start-up companies over my career. I blend science and art, data and philosophy, with theory and practicality. I work to help leaders find immediate, practical applications as well as prompting a reconsideration of longer term leadership positions and practices.

I’m a business writer and a research synthesizer. I conduct seminars and workshops on leadership communication and speak at company meetings, industry association events, and other venues. I earned a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology (1975) and MBA (1977) from Oklahoma State University.

In 2011 OSU’s Spears School of Business recognized me as one of the top fifty MBA graduates of its fifty-year history.

My latest book,
Voice Lessons: Applying Science to the Art of Leadership Communication (CreateSpace: 2012), is available in print and Kindle editions.

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I co-authored
The Leader’s Voice: How Your Communication Can Inspire Action and Get Results! (New York: Select Books, 2002) and The Leadership Experience: From Individual Success to Organizational Significance (New York: Select books, 2007).

The following video is a compilation of speech and training events.

Clients I Have Worked With
Abbott Nutrition
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Bank of America
BJC HealthCare
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Group Health
Institute of Management Studies
Lawrence Livermore Labs
New York Life
New York State Department of Transportation
Oak Ridge National Labs
Sandia National Laboratories
St. Jude Medical
Solvay Pharmaceuticals
University of Dayton
Wells Fargo